7 sinful signing mistakes small business owners make

When we think of marketing programs our minds are quickly drawn to social, print and broadcast media. Although these programs can be quite glitzy and create media and consumer buzz they overshadow an extremely impactful marketing program not often considered by managers and owners. It is the signage used at the brick and mortar store itself.

Signs in windows, on doors, over display racks or by the register are interpreted by the shopper to determine the quality of the merchandise or the management of the store. Sometimes only subliminally but always effective in relaying a message.

Whether your store is in a mall, strip center or stand alone, the same psychology of engaging a customer applies. Yet many stores fail to consider the image their signage conveys to the consumer.

Here are the seven worst messages commonly conveyed:

“We sell crap”.
“I don’t do enough business to hire a second employee”.
“This is not a serious business”.
“We keep most our doors locked because we do not trust you ”.
“Go to the bath room elsewhere”.
“Details don’t matter to us”.
“You are not welcome here”.

This is excerpted from “Send customers a positive message”, part of the “How to” series at getmaximpact.com, a website based in Rochester Hills, Mich., dedicated to business and individual growth.

Federal Reserve officials comments raises more questions than answers

Charles Evans, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago made headlines on Tuesday when he spoke at an Economic luncheon in Detroit. Covering all the broad array of subjects from the housing recovery to the labor market, Evens first came out firing with information about short term interest rates.

“We started to taper our asset purchases, but we indicated that the fed funds rate would be near zero for quite some time — quite likely well into 2015. Barring any changes to our outlook, this would translate into seven years in which short-term interest rates would be at their zero lower bound. But policy likely will need to remain highly accommodative for such a time to ensure we make adequate progress toward maximum employment and price stability — the two congressionally mandated goals for U.S. monetary policy”

The asset purchases he is specifically referring to is QE3, the latest in a round of bond purchases by the Fed to stimulate growth in the economy. Whether it has helped or not remains to be seen, however last summer, Ben Bernanke who was the heading the Fed hinted at stopping the program. This immediately had had an adverse effect on the markets, as the Dow went from 15,000 mark down to the low 14,000’s. In an effort to do damage control, a couple of days later Bernanke made a statement using the now famous term ‘tapering’. This word seemed to have a pacifying effect on the stock market as it began to continue its climb up to over the 16,000 point mark.

However, as the forth quarter of 2013 came around, Bernanke felt that there was enough positive data in the economy to justify the early tapering phase. Ten billion a month would be taken off the initial per month policy of 85 Billion dollar bond purchases.

Unfortunately a consequence of this action is to see interest rates rise as a logical next step. This has caused fear in the markets, because since the 08’ crash, equities and foreign direct investment have been low risk/high reward avenues to make some money off the top. As a result of the tapering and implications of rising interest rates, investors have been pulling out of equities and emerging markets.

According to a Businessweek Report. Global investors pulled $6.3 billion from developing-nation stocks in the week through Jan. 29, the biggest outflow since August 2011, according to Barclays Plc, citing data from EPFR Global. The MSCI Emerging Markets Index declined 0.8 percent to 919.48 and has fallen 8.3 percent this year.

As a result, January has been anything but good, the Dow has seen around a 1,200 point drop, with fears of contagion rippling through the markets. So it stands to reason that based on past behavior the Fed would try to make a publicized statement in order to put investors at ease. Which is perfectly understandable, however it just raises some questions of the actual credibility of the statement itself. Some questions being.

What credibility does Mr. Evans have to his word now? Did anyone see a pinky swear? No, well then if the assumption is he is saying that just so the markets can hear it, then what are the negative repercussions if the Fed does in fact have to raise interest rates before 2016?

If this trying to deflect the eventual rise of interest rates, what is the importance of rising rates in relation to the stability in the markets? Would keeping them so low have an equally detrimental effect? And finally, Why wouldn’t the newly appointed Fed chairman Janet Yellen not use this opportunity to come out and make this statement? Wouldn’t such a statement in the face of crisis assert her new position as the head of the Federal Reserve.

35 years of experience offered to you free of charge

Part 1

Why I Wrote Win-Win

Having spent more than 35 years deep in the trenches of developing cross-sector partnerships and cause marketing campaigns with the nonprofit, for-profit, education and government sectors, I have learned what works and what doesn’t. I have developed partnerships – from a local two-person art program, a three-county children’s magazine, regional and national campaigns for Fortune 500 corporations, to cause marketing for an international sports organization, and all sizes and variations in between. I have experienced people in all types of organizations working together. And through it, all I have developed a step-by-step, proven process to planning and implementing successful cross-sector partnerships.

Beginning with my first job at Cedar Point, the world’s largest pure amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, where I developed a relationship with the state-sponsored Ohio Travel Council, I discovered the many benefits of bringing different sectors together in a mutually rewarding relationship. A few years later, I was hired by Marriott Corporation as Public Affairs Manager and given the task (at age 25) to design the opening promotion of its largest project in history: the family entertainment center Marriott’s Great America in Santa Clara, California. It was here where I conceived and directed my first comprehensive cross-sector partnership campaign, which I define as a partnership between two or more partners from the nonprofit, for-profit, education and government sectors, with the March of Dimes. This campaign raised $2.5 million (and in 1976 that was a lot of money!), 40% more than ever been raised by the March of Dimes Chapters West.

Through the challenges, opportunities and understanding gained through this relationship, the main theme of my career was set: cross-sector partnerships provide more benefit to all the partners than each could have ever accomplished alone.

From those early experiences and beyond, in my work as Public Relations Director of the United States Olympic Committee, to the founding of The William Bentley Agency, an integrated public relations/marketing agency, to the honor of serving as director of marketing & communications for the American Red Cross (San Francisco) Bay Area chapter, to my current role as Founder/CEO of Bruce W. Burtch, Inc., a cross-sector partnership consulting and training firm, each role and relationship along this path have created a foundation of knowledge that I wanted to share.

I wrote this guidebook because I have seen thousands of organizations from all sectors struggling through the recent economic times. I have seen and still see a lot of pain and a need for help and real answers. Yet I know from experience that there is an extraordinary amount of opportunity lying in wait for the right combination of partners, on any issue, in any sector, in any small town or metropolitan city, in any corner of the world. Cross-sector partnerships can be extraordinarily successful when these partners join together for their individual and mutual success, while focusing on creating benefit for the greater good.

Win-Win for the Greater Good is a guidebook, not an overview, not a nice collection of stories. My goal is to take years of experience in developing partnerships between all sectors and provide you with the blueprint, the materials and the tools that will guide you in developing highly successful, highly profitable cross-sector partnerships. Here you will find information from the very basic to more challenging concepts. Each reader comes to this guidebook with different experiences and different levels of expertise.

In 1978, I was asked by the president of a large foundation what I wanted to do with my life, and almost without thinking I said, “I want to do well by doing good”. He leaned back in his chair, laughed heartedly and replied, “I’ve never seen anybody do that before.” That very phrase to “do well by doing good” has been my personal mantra and foundation of my work from that minute forward. From the bottom of my heart I believe that doing good is the necessary prerequisite for doing well. Doing good benefits everything you do and everything you are. Doing good and doing well can best be accomplished through win-win partnerships.

The 7 benefits of video blogging

A Video Blog, also known as a “vlog” is a clever way to increase brand awareness, gain a greater following and most importantly, generate additional business. If vlogging is not yet a part of your digital marketing strategy, it’s time to jump on the video blogging wagon.

The 7 benefits of Video Blogging:

1. Good for your SEO strategy.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. That means potential customers are more likely to search for a service, product or information on YouTube, than they are on Yahoo or Bing. See more from this awesome infographic. When you post a video, and somebody is searching for that subject, it will likely show up in a search engine if you have optimized it correctly. SEO quick tip: You can embed your video on your website and transcribe it increasing your chances to include the important keywords mentioned in the video.

2. Develops trust.

When a follower watches you in a video, he begins to feel like he knows you, delivering a sense of trust. People by nature are more inclined to use a company for business when they are able to put a face to a name. Even more so, if they already know how you talk and have seen you “in action”.

3. 2 minutes provides concise, quick information.

As a general rule, savvy marketers know to keep videos under the 2 minute mark, as to not lose the attention of the viewer. People are more likely to click on a video blog over a written one because it requires less effort to watch than it does to read, while still delivering the same results.

4. People are visual.

People prefer to see something visually over reading content (which forces them to use their imagination). By providing the visual stimulation, you require viewers to do one less thing.

5. Videos generate more shares than any other type of posts.

If you want something to go viral, a video blog is the key. Currently, the most shared and “liked” content on Facebook is videos followed by pictures followed by articles.

6. Excellent for How-Tos or tutorials.

Again, since people learn best visually, videos are a great platform to teach your customers something new. Video how-to’s give your viewers the chance to see exactly how something is done and to pause or rewind when needed.

7. Generate income from your videos on YouTube.

YouTube allows you to monetize your videos by permitting YouTube to place ads in the video. Ads are always content appropriate and if you generate high viewership, you can make anywhere from $0.01 to $2.00 per 1000 hits from YouTube!

Bill Gates Quotes – The Best Quotes for Life and Business

Bill Gates is one of the most well known and sought after entrepreneurs in the world. He’s been at the top of the Forbes’ Richest People in the World list for many decades now. As such a high profile individual, entrepreneurs and now philanthropist, it’s no wonder why so many people are searching for “Bill Gates Quotes” on the internet.

Seeking out quotes from your favorite celebrities, athletes and individuals around the world is a great way to get inspired and put you back on the right path in whatever it is you are trying to achieve.

I’ve written a 1,200 word post on my favorite Bill Gates quotes and what they’ve meant personally for myself and my business. Now it’s time for you to look through some of Bill’s greatest quotes below and see which of them are your favorites and apply to your currently lifestyle and business.


“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.”
– Bill Gates

“It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”
– Bill Gates

“If you can’t make it good, at least make it look good.”
– Bill Gates

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.”
– Bill Gates

“I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act.”
– Bill Gates

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”
– Bill Gates

“I’m a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other, and how they can achieve the kind of freedoms that they’re interested in.”
– Bill Gates

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”
– Bill Gates

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”
– Bill Gates

“I really had a lot of dreams when I was a kid, and I think a great deal of that grew out of the fact that I had a chance to read a lot.”
– Bill Gates

“Just in terms of allocation of time resources, religion is not very efficient. There’s a lot more I could be doing on a Sunday morning.”
– Bill Gates

“If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1,000 MPG.”
– Bill Gates

“At Microsoft there are lots of brilliant ideas but the image is that they all come from the top – I’m afraid that’s not quite right.”
– Bill Gates

“I think it’s fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we’ve ever created. They’re tools of communication, they’re tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user.”
– Bill Gates

“We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.”
– Bill Gates

Bacchus rolls the streets while the Orpheus Captains celebrate at the Sheraton

Last night the Bacchus Krewe rolled down the streets of New Orleans with Hugh Laurie riding as 2014’s King Bacchus. Had things gone according to plan, this article would have photos of Hugh Laurie and others from the Bacchus parade. There would also be another article and photos from the Mardi Gras Joe Cain Day in Mobile, Alabama. Sometimes, however, plans have to be scuttled in favor of aiding a stranger in distress. In this case it requires the postponing of photos from Bacchus but allows entry behind the scenes of the Orpheus Krewe.

Tonight I encountered a somewhat familiar face in an unexpected place. The fellow was trying to get across the parade route. In chatting with him it became apparent that his familiarity was due to his working with the Wizard World conventions. He was the celebrity appearances manager of John Schneider and others. After a few aborted attempts to work our way through the crowd we jogged a few blocks down the street where, after showing my press credentials to a police officer, I introduced him as Mr. Schneider’s Manager and indicated his need to get across the parade route.

The officer soon had us across the parade route and I was invited to stay for the Orpheus Captain’s Party. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Mardi Gras Ball, Captain’s Party or other Mardi Gras gala event, don’t pass it up. While forgoing the opportunity to shoot the Bacchus Parade was sad, I managed to soften the blow with the delicious foods at the Captain’s Party at the Sheraton. There were several stations with delicacies at each one. The first had meats that were tasty and the second, the seafood gumbo, a New Orleans standard, was delicious of course! At another there were succulent, sauteed shrimp over over grits, but the real surprise treat was the Jambalaya with alligator and duck.

For entertainment, the captains had the band, New Orleans Karma. They performed while the captains and krewe ate but it wasn’t long before the dance floor was filled with the Orpheus celebrants working off the delicious dinner. After Orpheus, the band was heading over to the Bacchus Bash to close the evening there. Again, if you get the chance to attend a performance of New Orleans Karma, you will want to do so. They are good enough for the Captains of Orpheus and the Bacchus Bash and you will love them too.

Oh, and the icing on the evenings cake was that Mr. Schneider did take a moment to allow me to catch a photo. Happy Lundi Gras everyone and Laissez les bons temps rouler tonight at the Orpheus parade!

2014 Winter Olympics snowboarder, Shaun White pulls out of slopestyle event

February 6, 2014, in the last 24 hours news has come out that Team USA snowboarder, Shaun White has pulled out of the slopestyle event. Shaun had a good chance of winning two gold medals.

Shaun White was quoted saying, “After much deliberation with my team, I have made the decision to focus solely on trying to bring home the third straight gold medal in halfpipe for Team USA.”

Kelly Whiteside of USA Today posted this on her twitter account on Febraury 5, 2014, Shaun White pulls out of slopestyle citing “the potential risk of injury is a bit too much for me to gamble my other Olympics goals on”

Shaun also stated, “The conditions of the course were intimidating after watching others snowboarders crash again and again.”

This news is breaking out all over the World Wide Web, proving social media sites such as twitter can bring you the news as fast as it happens.

You can find it spreading like wildfire as it comes out in various styles such as; Washington Post (blog), Yahoo.com (sports), USA Today and ESPN.

Though some are saying Shaun was with good health conditions and others like ESPN claim there was some sort of wrist injury during training, we will need to wait and hear the story from Shaun himself. Maybe the question hear isn’t how quickly the news can come out but the credibility of the news being correct, is in question.

Shaun first posted this information out on his Facebook Page yesterday, which we posted out in a recent article, “Team USA is no stranger to social media and content marketing”

Make the Best Buy on Drugs

When you go in the market to purchase any medicines, the first thing, which you wish to accomplish, is make certain you are getting the best medicine. There are lots of medicines, that have similar titles, and you can become cheated out of them at some stage in time. If one makes the purchase from the reputed local pharmacy, you will get the proper medication, but it is very difficult to obtain such a local pharmacy in the close by locality. Because of this, you might have to visit out of your method to make the purchase. What is better than to get the medication right at your doorstep without any hassles? When you buy sildenafil, you might be also getting your health.
This can be understood through the pharmacists the following and they make certain you are delivered the right medication. Each prescription is double-checked to make sure that you are getting the precise medication inside the exact serving, which you have already been recommended. This means that when you buy levitra, you get only that. The actual pharmacist does not make any change in the specific medication if this isn’t available in the market. If this type of particular medicine is not available the following, you will not will need to go anywhere else. The pharmacist the following will make sure you will get the medicine and will ensure that it really is delivered at the right time.
Each and every medicine possesses its own importance and you’ve got to make sure that you take the one, which suits you the most. Make sure that you possess the doctor’s prescription along with you so that you they are under medical supervision and that there isn’t any side effects, that will harm your wellbeing. If you want to buy tadalafil, refill the prescribed from and make sure that you have offered your complete deal with. This will assist the employees in making the right delivery at the right time.
Because the products, that are sold here, are of the very best quality, you’ll not be getting anything at all sub standard. The particular rule of the company is to help keep the health of the actual clients in the topmost concern. The most important thing here is a very satisfied and happy client. When you have to buy sildenafil, that is what you will get and not anything else. As the employees are trained in comprehending the medical terms, there will be no issues related to the particular mistakes in reading the names.
If you buy levitra from this level in large quantities, additionally, you will get a excellent discount. This means that you are additionally saving in the process of purchasing. Each and every medicine features its own importance and that is understood right here. So the delivery is also done in the proper method. What you get is the better and nothing different!

Excellent Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Guidance For Somebody Seeking Info

You may be thrilled about the ability to transform some thing through cosmetic plastic surgery. That is certainly wonderful, but you must ensure that you are totally educated of all things that will happen. Here are some cosmetic plastic surgery recommendations to successfully are knowledgeable of this process.

In no way has moderation been more important than in the world of plastic surgery. The perfect procedure can make all of the variation on the planet. Possessing a beneficial impact on confidence. Even so, it is rather present with go overboard. The final results of lots of processes are hardly ever good.

Cosmetic surgery will always need a minimum of one day of recovery. Frequently the healing period of time will probably be for a longer time. Make certain you have arranged these days out, which includes which will give you a hand especially how you will keep your costs if you are clear of operate and wage.

There are lots of occasions in everyday life when conserving money is an essential part of the acquiring decision, nonetheless, aesthetic or plastic surgery will not be one of these brilliant periods. This does not always mean that you need the highest priced surgeon achievable, nevertheless, you probably want in order to avoid price range plastic cosmetic surgery as well.

Well before there is a procedure carried out, be sure you thoroughly look at the stated procedure. So many people are excited, and so they speed into a number of processes. Their basic study energizes their needs. They forget to ensure that they admiration the value of such a determination, by not thoroughly research the option.

Nearly all aesthetic physicians can have a book accessible for their past tasks, for romantic adjustments including breast surgery. Make sure to request to take a look at this particular guide in order to see the amount of achievement your medical professional has seasoned before. This provides you with an opportunity to make thorough choices regarding your individual changes.

Do your homework on the area exactly where you will end up owning your surgical procedures. These locations ought to be registered, regular evaluation data ought to be available and they also ought to have data of their documentation. Your medical doctors business office should also be frequently looked over, along with listed. Make certain that the location where by you will get surgical treatment is up-to-date with the state recognition table criteria. It must also have a good history, without the need of law suits and disappointed patients.

Study to find out simply how much expertise a physician has with all the job you wish to did. A doctor will be more competent the greater number of methods he executes. Also, physicians who definitely have continuously done the treatments you’re considering convey more patients it is possible to talk with with regards to their work. Which means that he is more likely to get some malpractice satisfies on his document, if appropriate

Regardless how slight a cosmetic surgery procedure is, you have to have a assistance community securely into position. Make certain that a pal or general understands exactly where you stand and what you’re performing. Your physician and her or his team needs to have the relevant get in touch with details, also. In this way, in the event you will find unforeseen problems, you’ll have somebody completely ready to assist you.

Make sure to enquire about evaluation costs before heading set for the initial visit. Some doctors charge for the office visit, then again this price is deducted from the final value of the surgical procedures if you choose that doctor. Others will charge for that go to regardless of your final choice, and several provide free consults.

Consider the operative heart to ensure that, they have the correct licensing in your state. The correct accreditation ensures, that the service goes through regular examinations. These requirements lessen the risk of article-operative infection, and other difficulties. In case allungamento del pene the service does not have the appropriate certifications, have the procedure carried out someplace else.

Everything ought to be prepared for your healing once the surgery. Acquire a few weeks off work and possess ample foods held in your freezer so there is no need to have your property. Let your friends and relations know you will probably might need some support and may also struggle to travel.

Cosmetic plastic surgery is something that isn’t to be rushed into. You will be delighted about ultimately progressing to transform anything about yourself you do unlike, but remember it really is surgical procedures. Be prepared and knowledgeable in regards to the whole process, so that it can go properly. Make use of the ideas laid out on this page, and you may rest assured you happen to be the two well prepared and educated.

Industry leader adding live and on-demand video interviewing to current platform

Ever wanted a job so bad, but it just was not in the proximity of where you are currently living? The situation may have been that you either didn’t want to move, or you didn’t want to relocate for the job that you are not sure if you are even going to get. Some of these jobs are actually “work at home jobs,” but you need to travel for an interview and training. And, some of us just can’t afford that. Well, there is newfound hope!

Voice Advantage, the industry leader of “on-demand digital interviewing” has now added a live video option to its “comprehensive digital interview suite,” as announce via press release by HarQen on March 4, 2014. Ensuring that top candidates are constantly being recruited by organizations at “every corner of the globe,” Voice Advantage’s ability to help these organization has just gotten a large boost.

“Today’s hiring environment often leaves recruiters and organizations overwhelmed with applicants, many who are not suited for the positions to which they’re applying. The challenge is to find the top talent hiding in the masses quickly and effectively. Voice Advantage’s powerful tools help recruiters do exactly that,” is a very understood truth of global business owners, large and small, as highlighted in March 4’s press release.

“Adding Live video capabilities to Voice Advantage gives recruiters another great tool for connecting with and hiring the best people for the job,” said HarQen CEO, Ane Ohm. “We already give them the tools to add the voice of candidates early in the assessment process. Now with Live, they can take that a step further and gain even more valuable insight to make the best hiring decisions quickly.” She continues by discussing another valid point, “People don’t hire resumes. They hire other great people. Live video interviewing will let our clients connect and communicate with wonderful and talented people, so they can make the right choice.”

In the hiring process, businesses usually prefer that you meet with more than one management and hiring personnel, what if you had to leave town before the “second interview?” What if you couldn’t afford to travel for any of them? This software also allows recording of the interview process that can be not only accessed at any time, but shared with employers that could not be present at the time of your interview. As a Devil’s Advocate, they can watch the interview without any personal attachments to see if you are a genuine candidate or not. Or, they can give you a second interview on their own schedule.

As a matter of fact, there are video and audio recording capabilities to interview even if not available during business hours, which also leaves the doors open for “Internet-Free” interviews for interviewees that have no private Internet connection and have to go in high-traffic, often noisy atmospheres only to share “shaky” Internet connections. The World is against them, yet, they are able to market themselves through the Internet to receive a higher paying job than they would in the area that they are currently in, thanks to Voice Advantage!

Today, Thursday, March 6, 2014, attendees of the LEHRN HR Technology Expo in Minneapolis, MN will be able to “test drive” this new software for the first time to prove that it is more than a video conference! It’s a powerhouse! If you are thinking of searching for a new job, you just might be using Voice Advantage’s new software capabilities sooner than you think! A large portion of major social networks and social media sites have been hiring lately. Will you be one to apply?